Tvt tanzania

The Voice of Zanzibar was launched in using equipments such Spartan a gramophone, a microphone and mixing scale of an old public address amplifier. After few days, the station, which employed eight radio Journalists and five technicians, broadcast for one hour daily from 5pm to 6. In the first half ofexperiments were made in relaying programmer from the neighbouring stations and from the BBC Arabic service. Thenthe Revolutionary Government started to expand the station.

The old building in Rahaleo was renovated and the installation of a 50 km Short — wave transmitter for broadcasting to the Mainland and overseas was received. The major language used was Swahili. The installation was only completed in These it was possible to listen to the programmers with in a radio of 7, km. Mass education campaigns sub subsequently, the Revolutionary Government signed an agreement with London — based PYE, TVT which become responsible for the constellation of the equipment the engineers of PYE TVT examined the in structure on the Island and concluded that the only building suitable for housing Zanzibar Television Centre was the Municipal Hall Today Karume Housedue to the then an specious economic conditions, the station was equipped with top grade products duringsuch as a new 5 KW UH 4 transmitter.

After Programmers had been broadcast on a trial basis from March, 9th We have started time and time again that TV in Zanzibar is an investment in development, a tool by means of which our people can enhance their own development.

We in Zanzibar are absolute committed into education through colour TV. We must therefore create an atmosphere conducive to the development of the education through the means we envisage. But learning cannot be imposed by force upon large number of indifferent people one a orating what we have is that very many people through the Island agree on the need for education in general.

For a country as was as Zanzibar whole many tribes and different cultures understand a Common language and share a basic cultural hen age, much can be archived through mass media specially, Television. Consequently, education programmes were given priority. TVZ produced broadcast for schools and literally co pagans.

Agriculture programmes were introduced proving lessons on forming methods, such as the use of fertilizers and the appropriate choice of crops. Moreover, health transmission dealt with le blog du woloni and Into-natal and the prevention of various diseases.

Also Television we reaching through the Coconut decoder, Cable Television and other decoders like Star times. Kuhusu ZBC. The President appointed Mrs.See More See Less. Tips to deal with school closure Cambridge.

Social distancing - our self responsibility. Here's the full list. Be an apprentice in IT www. Polytechnic in atholhuthakugai 5, meehunnah hiley fannee thamreen dhenee.

Minister of State for Higher Education, Hon. Let all be united in learning new skills and taking an active role in our economic productivity to transform Maldives into a nation of 21st Century Skills.

Your Name required. Your Email required. Your Message. Employment Sector Council's Orientation. TVET Authority. Tips to deal with school closure Cambridge Teachers from around the world experiencing schools closures due to COVID coronavirus give their tips on how to prepare, plan and teach.

In the past four months alone, universities have announced such free online courses. Polytechnic in atholhuthakugai 5, meehunnah hiley fannee thamreen dhenee Maldives Business Standard - Leading Business News. Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 4 Like on Twitter 6 Twitter Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 30 Like on Twitter 72 Twitter Milandhoo Council June 8, Male Fitness Club.

Televisheni ya Taifa ya Tanzania

Maldives Institute of Technology. Four Seasons. Zikura Institute. Contact US M.Tanzanian blog operating sincecovering International news and Local News, including Politics, Fashion, Social Scenes, Interviews, Movies, Events, personalities and anything positive happening worldwide. Written in Swahili and English targeting both Swahili and English readers.

It is for the reasons that you have just mentioned, if we are not able to buy the medicines then the little money that we have should be spent on the priority issues such as medicenes, roads, education etc. If you want to listen to public radio and we do not have enough money then you should be willing to pay. The tax maoney paid by the poor peasants should be there to assist them on issues of prioroty to them not cater for the whims of you people who do not pay a single cent in tax yet are at the forefront to question about the taxpayers' money.

How many of the peasant farmers do have access to internet or can afford one? I hope you are talking to people who do not pay tax money and those who steal from the Govt, but if you are questioning me, I do pay tax as per laws and regulations of where I live and work.

And how about my ten of hundreds of relatives who pay tax and yet have to use impassable roads, receive poor services and receive no retirement benefits from the Govt? I find it very fair to represent and speak for them as they would for me.

tvt tanzania

If it is such a problem watching a public Tv over the internet that has few users as you claimhelp me understand why we lack enough equipment, staff and medications in the hospitals. How about the roads and education?

How is the tax payer's money helping the ordinary individual? Tutafika tu, japo kwa mjeledi. Subi, Thanks for venting your spleen. I tried those links but they are temperamental.

For us, in Diaspora, we pinned all our hopes on those TV links. All in all, you are doing a stirling job. I have read many of your attachments and they are fab.

To anonymous above who posted first first comment. You have totally introduced a different topic we didnt expect you to.

The author questioned on public money expenditure. If there are no essential drugs in hospitals, no good roads, no clean and adequate water and other public services, where is the money collected from poor wananchi as tax? Where are subsides,loans, grants,etc, that we receive from our present colonial masters call them investors if you wish? That is the question. It seems you have diverted the question for your own intrest or just because you overlooked it.

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tvt tanzania

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The app requires a compatible Android device running operating system 4. Recommended Internet speeds apply. Data and ISP charges may apply. Video quality may vary according to connection type. Available for use in and outside United Republic of Tanzania.

Reviews Review Policy. Fix for blank screen error on some devices. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Biblia Takatifu, Swahili Bible. Swahili Bible that with amazing bible application features. Jifunze Kusoma Kiarabu.Suggest new definition. References in periodicals archive? His escapades on Strictly Come Dancing boosted his fame to new heights and he has subsequently been engaged by Mentorn TVto produce a number of documentaries that include a three-part series entitled John Sergeant''s Tourist Trail, in which he asked the question: "Why do tourists come to Britain?

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Effect of concurrent prolapse surgery on stress urinary incontinence outcomes after TVTO. Choosing the right sling for your patient.

Acronyms browser? Full browser?Maelezo katika ukurasa huu yawe mafupi, na kwa kila maana kuwe na kiungo kimoja tu ambacho kiunge ukurasa kuhusu nia yenye maana hii. Ukiwa umefika hapa kwa kutumia kiungo katika makala nyingine, tafadhali badalisha kiungo kile kiunge makala iliyokusudiwa moja kwa moja. Kutoka Wikipedia, kamusi elezo huru. Televisheni Togolaise : Ni kituo cha televisheni kutoka nchi ya Togo.

Jamii : Makala zinazotofautisha maana. Maeneo ya wiki Makala Majadiliano. Mitazamo Soma Hariri Hariri chanzo Fungua historia.

tvt tanzania

Ukurasa huu umebadilishwa kwa mara ya mwisho tarehe 9 Machisaa Maandishi yanapatikana chini ya leseni ya Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; matakwa mengine yanaweza kutakiwa. Tazama maelezo zaidi ya Matakwa ya Utumiaji. Ukurasa huu una maelezo ya maana ili kutofautisha nia mbalimbali zinazolengwa na neno moja.

Kwa usaidizi kuhusu makala za aina hii tazama Msaada:Maana Maelezo katika ukurasa huu yawe mafupi, na kwa kila maana kuwe na kiungo kimoja tu ambacho kiunge ukurasa kuhusu nia yenye maana hii.

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