Ranged rogue pillars of eternity 2

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ranged rogue pillars of eternity 2

Global Achievements. Flip View Profile View Posts. Making a new rogue companion because the one I have speciliases in Hunting Bows and now they don't seem to do any damage now I am meeting high DR targets. Since for wierd reasons I refuse to use any kind of firearm, was wondering what people think would be better, Arbalast or Warbow?

Help appreciated :. Showing 1 - 12 of 12 comments. Boink View Profile View Posts. Due to the way crits work, you want the highest base damage possible. This means arbalest or rifle. What Alavanger said seems pretty sound advice.

Use the slow Arbalast as an opener in stealth then switch to the faster bow afterwards. Arbalest got nerfed hard, Arquebus is much better for raw damage and Arbalest is only useful for knock down crit.

Hmm so Warbow for general and Arbalest for opening shot, sounds good. Still annoyed I have to spend 1k to make a new one though because I picked hunting bow Peasant for first Originally posted by Big Boom Boom :. Just wondering if iti s worth it or if my existing rogue can cope without weapon spec?

Dio View Profile View Posts. You could use IEmod to respec your characters instead, it's pretty easy. I feel it's stupid that there isn't a respec in this game, Avellone himself has said that respecs are part of good game design in an rpg.

Hmm didn't know about that, will check it out. Well bit the bullet and made it, hopefully can make the grand back later : But thanks for sharing. And yes, respec should be an option imo. Gregorovitch View Profile View Posts. I'm playing a rogue as well, although i go melee quite a lot too, but on ranged I switch things around according to the enemies I'm facing. Facing enything with more than 12 DR it makes snese to use guns to be honest.

They do so much more damage per shot that even with half as many shots as a good bow or crossbow they do much greater DPS becasue the DR more or less kills bow damage. Against something like a shade or Agri beetle DR18 guns are almost a necessity or can you hardly scratch them. For stuff under 12 DR I use a bow for ranged now i found a really good one. With enemies dazed, blinded etc you are getting sneak attack bonuses all the time and I reckon the fast shots are beating a gun's damage output - just - and you are scoring more interrupts.

Aye makes sense but I refuse to use any time of gun regardless of the disadvantage that puts me at. I hate guns in medieval fantasy so will not use them : Self imposed penalty aye but hopefully will survive! Kyoko View Profile View Posts.

Originally posted by Nevan :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 4 Apr, am.So I retrained her as a ranged dps. But here again, it seems VERY weak compared to a simple ranger. Lack of swift strike makes it very slow with heavy weapons, and lack of sources of accuracy on PoTD makes it bad at getting consistent criticals.

But most of all between swift strike and dps from wolf I am pretty sure my ranger ends up doing a lot more damage than the rogue. Melee rogue is awesome but you need to put her in heavy armor - it helps. I find my dual sabre wielding rogues kills things so quickly they don't have time to do a substantial amount of damage. But in general, if it's melee dps I go dual wield rogue, if it's ranged I go for ranger and get all the important pet talents.

They do a serious amount of damage. But both require a serious amount of micro management. She is Dance. He is Destruction. She is Love. Everyone else does, though, everyone who beholds them.

I am playing PoTD and my Rogue is only in a Unique padded armor and she is ridonculous in the damage department. And yes she sits idle for a moment before going in and pretty much destroying things.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire Guide: Ranger

Even with that idle her dps is higher than my main 2 tanky types. If they turn on her its a problem but we have 2 invis and she also gets a swap ability to teleport out of danger. I have only used her ranged if she cant get in there and I never send her into a mass of enemies.

She usually sits side by side my tank. Or I will run around the outer perimeter of battle and run in and backstab some of the loose enemies running around.

ranged rogue pillars of eternity 2

You need to work them like SapientNode does OR you can give them a reach weapon like Tall Grass OR you can give them a weapon and shield and heavier armor and use them as a more damaging damage spec'd Fighter. Devil of Caroc works well for the last type. Ranged damage I'd say is always going to be better with a Ranger. Rangers will be faster with the big slow firing weapons due to Swift Aim, more accurate and harder hitting with bows due to Vicious Shot, or just more DPS from Twin Shot.

Plus you get the pet as a disposable summon. Plus Rangers can use Stormcaller. Maybe you could make something out of the fast firing Superb rod that prones on crit with Dangerous Implements in order to set up your own sneak attacks but that seems pretty gimmicky and is just a better auto-attack bot. He's pure DPS. With ranged weapon it's gonna be pure ranged DPS. Ranger's damage will always be partially or wholly melee because of companion.

Ranger is a mix of damage, control and holding the line with companion.Matt's attitude changed when Lames was found dead from an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. After the funeral, Matt fired the staff aside from his maid, but later re-hired Fulmineo, Lames's fencing teacher and a skilled martial artist.

Matt and Fulmineo got drunk together and, upon agreeing that they both hated Lames, visit the graveyard to cut the head off Lames's memorial statue. After they succeed, they rescue a nearby couple being mugged.

When bailiffs mistake Matt and Fulmineo for criminals, Fulmineo evades ad distracts them with his blinding speed and he and Matt return to the mansion.

Matt convinces Fulmineo they should become crime-fighters who pose as criminals in order to infiltrate real criminals, and to prevent enemies from using innocents against them. Fulmineo develops a carriage outfitted with several gadgets and weapons, which they call the Blatant Ugliness. To get Shudnof's attention, Matt uses a job as town crier as a vehicle to publish news about the "high-profile criminal" the Mad Hornet.

Meanwhile, he learns how to shoot a bow from his orlan lavatory attendant who's name he just can't remember since the guy is so small and unimportant - besides the fact that he can teach Matt how to shoot the bow and stuff. Then Matt met a nice young and round cipher lady who slapped him in the face when he tried to touch her inappropriately.

When she left for Gilded Vale in the Dyrwood in order to get some land from a total loonatic named Raedric Matt and Fulmineo decide to follow her Since most of these effects don't stack on themselves, you also have to attack fast so that you can hit one enemy after the other until the DoT effect expires and you can reapply it again.

The best way for that in my opinon is a hunting bow since it's fast and has a long range. Rogues have the raw DoT-ability "Deep Wounds" and can dish out lots of single target damage, even with a hunting bow - so I figured that a ranged rogue would be the perfect class to do this.

On top of that comes Envenomed Strike. This awesome ability is only usable three times a rest, but it's really helpful against these nasty high DR bosses because it does a lot of raw damage. As a little bonus I took Runner's Wounding Shot, which does not only hobble the target, but again adds another DoT effect. From Outlander's Frenzy comes some madness.

Speaking of Madness: I also wanted to put on some baggy trousers, but there aren't any in the game - so I went for the Aedyrian Clothing. It has nice stripes that can look wasp-ish if you choose gold and black as colors. Together with high int the AoE was huge. Since you will shot with good speed, it won't take long and all enemies suffer from some serious DoT. You can repeat this until all enemies are dead.

From time to time a foe will die and you will have to pause and update your command chain, but that's ok. As far as I know it's the only way to apply crush damage in an AoE with a scroll besides Twin Stones and that's meh.

I did not use Concussive Missiles because I needed a high mechanics skill on this rogue and therefore only put 4 points into lore for Insect Swarm. Where was I? Deep Wounds: to get the most out of it, you need both high might and high intelligence.

If you have 20 points of intelligence, Deep Wounds will last for 15 seconds. With a might score of 22 I think you will deal 4 raw damage per tick 3 sec. So overall you will cause 20 points of raw damage with this stats - awesome!

This also works if you hit enemies that are immune to pierce damage by the way. There's no immunity to raw damage.

ranged rogue pillars of eternity 2

Persistence's Wounding and Runner's Wounding Shot will fail to do any damage if the target is immune to pierce damage though. But it's great that you can still harm immune enemies despite their annoying immunities - I'm looking at you, silly blights!

If you can manage to debuff mobs and do deathblows, the damage from the bow itself is also nice. Together with all the raw DoT and Penetrating Shot is gets really nasty. This way you can do kind of AoE damage.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Pillars of Eternity Store Page. Global Achievements. I'm thinking of a wood elf ranged rogue. The natural abilities of the elf adds a nice bonus to ranged attacks. And rogues get all sorts of damage boosts that work for ranged combat.

But how close is the range? Elf bonuses kick in outside of 4m. What's the upper range for rogues skills? Is there a sweet spot where both sets of bonuses are active?

Otherwise, I'm thinking to go with a ranger. I'm definitely thinking along the lines of a Robin Hood type. Showing 1 - 8 of 8 comments. If you want a robin hood type definitely go with ranger. I honestly don't really like ranger-type classes in RPGs because I think they are boring, but I could go on and on about how good the ranger is right now in 3.

If you want me to, I could do a break-down about what makes them so good and how to build them efficiently. Thanks for the input. I'll have to take a closer look at ranger. My concern is more on the squishiness of the animal companion.

It would suck to spend half of each fight de-buffed because my stag had been knocked out. I dunno about the stag, but I can tell u that I've been using the bear with success as a 3rd frontliner on potd.

Yeah the stag is squishier but I think you can make it work with it as well, as long as you build your party around it a bit. If if comes to that you can always pick up a couple defensive talents for the pet too. The other thing is, I barely notice when my ranger gets debuffed.

A well-built ranger's accuracy is about 10 to 15 points higher than anything you can achieve on most other characters only exception being the extreme crit rouge buildsand about points higher than the average deflection of an enemy the same level.

Serafen, Nightmare of Deadfire (Witch King) – Pillars of Eternity 2: POTD Build Guide

Couple this with a good bow and your debuffed ranger will still dominate a fight. Hi, My main character is a melee rogue, but I'd like Devil of Caroc to be a ranged rogue I'm leveling up all the companions, even the ones not in the active party, and sometimes swap them for fun.

I alwready have Sagani and Hiravias with short bows, so I'm thinking of giving her an arquebuse instead, to make her some kind of sniper that hits hard. Is the arquebuse viable for a ranged rogue? It is slow, but deals good damage, and with the proper talents she could have more aim and speed with it Marksman, Focus Weapon, Gunner. Last edited by SenSx ; 11 May, am. The game is not that hard tbh so even suboptimal things work honestly. Yes I've thought of that, as a rogue you basiclly want to hit as many times as possible while the ennemy has an affliction.

But short bows deal low damage. You can confirm a short bow will be a better DPS than arquebuse for a rogue? I'm playing in PotD, and there are sometimes really hard fight, I'd rather have the best possible ranged rogue.

ranged rogue pillars of eternity 2

And I alwreayd have Durance with an arquebuse.Rangers in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire prefer to strike from a distance while their Animal Companion gets up close and personal. They have many passives that increase the effectiveness of Ranged Weaponsand many that buff their Animal Companion.

Rangers are Bonded with their Animal Companion, and will take a penalty if it falls in battle. Because you can spend many points buffing it, you can Multiclass Rangers very effectively, even with melee characters. Not surprisingly, Bond is the resource of Rangers, and it is what they will spend on Active Abilities in combat. The amount of Bond they have will increase when they gain a Power Levelallowing them to use more powerful Abilities, and other Abilities more often.

Each Animal Companion has its own bonus, and knowing what these are helps determine how you will play your Ranger. You can only choose one Companion, so make sure you select the one most appropriate to your style of fighting. You will select your Animal Companion during Character Creation. A huge aspect of playing a Ranger is their Animal Companion, and your Subclass plays a large role in determining how you will best use it.

Ghost Heart Rangers prefer the freedom and flexibility that comes from summoning their Animal Companion on demand. They do not suffer from Bonded Grief like other Rangers, but must spend Bond to summon it. Penalty : Must actively summon Animal Companion during battle costs Bond and has a duration Companion is considered a Spirit and is affected by Spirit-targeting powers.

Bonded Grief gives you a penalty to MightResolve and Accuracy and occurs when your Companion dies during combat, normally. Ghost Heart Rangers cannot suffer from Bonded Grief and when their Companion dies during combat, all they need to do is re-summon it. The downside is that this costs Bond to do so, though you summon very quickly. Ghost Hearts cannot suffer Bonded Grief, and is the major upside of this Subclass. Ghost Hearts can Multiclass well with just about any class, however, since they will most likely focus on Ranged Weapon attacks, ideally this would be with Classes that give benefits to that.

FighterPaladinor Chanter all work well here. Fighters have passives that increase damage, and Disciplined Strikes increases Hit and Crit chance, which are both useful. Paladins can use Flames of Devotion at range, which hits like a truck and has increased Accuracy. This allows the Ranger to dump points from Perception and pump other Attributesbecause Accurate Wounding Shot gives Accuracy as well. Flames of Devotion can be used from any range, making it great for Rangers. Chanters work well if you use Firearms or a Crossbow, because they can reduce their Reload and Recovery Time with them.Contrary to what their name might imply, rogues come from many walks of life.

They are cutpurses, thugs, and courtesans but also aristocrats, diplomats, and personal guards. Often separated by station in life, they are united by their reliance on wits, speed, and subterfuge to achieve their goals. The way of the rogue is not to stand toe-to-toe with the biggest brute in the room and exchange body blows, but to glance away in feigned confusion and slip an unseen blade between the brute's ribs as he turns his attention.

When a room explodes in a storm of fire, the fighters grit their teeth, the priests pray for salvation, and the wizards fumble to find a spell to protect them, but the rogues just They excel at being in the one place where no one's looking, at kicking people when they're down, at taunting a foe into turning its back on the rogue's ally while he or she nimbly skips away, and at being just too damned slippery to pin down.

Whether they pack a pair of daggers, a fine rapier, a slim bow, a stubby pistol, or a brutish club, rogues haul a carnival of pain with them wherever they go.

Pillars of Eternity 2 Class Guide: Rogue

If their natural tendencies weren't dangerous enough, their affinity for skulduggery allows some talented rogues to tap into their souls to perform amazing stunts: fading from view in plain sight, briefly cloaking their allies in a veil of shadow, imbuing their weapons with a soul-eating venom, or even becoming so insubstantial that blades barely hurt them.

While rogues are known for their stealthy nature both in and out of battle, many of them are quite talented with machines and contraptions of all sorts. High-born rogues are often very knowledgeable about esoteric matters, while many low-born rogues are well-equipped to survive in the wild. Rogues gain a starting skill bonus to Mechanics and Stealth and are the only class to get a bonus to both of those skills.

Rogues begin combat with full Guile the amount of which is relative to their current level and spend points to cast certain abilities, with more powerful abilities costing more points. After an encounter, Guile is replenished. Rogues excel at laying out mass amounts of damaging punishment to your opposition.

They fare well either in ranged combat or on the front line, and their inflicted de-buffs make taking out an enemy progressively easier over time. As a solo class, a Rogue presents all the tools you need to take out a single opponent of equal standing. One of this type does not perform well at all though when presented first among an opposing crowd. You either need some one to take the heat of initial aggression or use a defensive tool of some sort to thin out the crowd.

You must focus your Rogue build on applying several de-buffs over the progression of battle. They automatically do this through their Weapon attack abilities, but it's still necessary to select some ability in your character's growth that actually does such. A few will allow you to apply some de-buffs with out the need for attacking, but it takes time to acquire that level of proficiency. Stealth and Mechanics as skills tends to go naturally together, but it's important to focus on Stealth first.

Mechanics can come as a secondary focus. If you favor keeping them nearly balanced, then Stealth should remain slightly higher than Mechanics. This value remains important in both games. One of the Rogue's strongest benefits comes in its bewildering ability to Multi Class practically well with any other class.

However, you'll want to focus upon one weapon only with this combination. A Great swords Deadfire great sword makes the best choice in this case, but you may find it difficult early on to find a decent magical version.

Hunting Bows are likely to be the best default ranged weapon for any Rogue, but that might change, depending on your multiclass and subclass choices. Swords and estocs should in theory work out well, but they actually don't.

You will consistently find your self on the receiving end of critical damage much more often. Sign In. From Pillars of Eternity Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Rogue Heodan a human rogue. Information Resource s. Might Perception Dexterity Intellect. Note: Pillars of Eternity only.Rogues in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire are a melee class that has a heavy focus on Stealth and debuffing enemies.

Rogues gain huge Damage bonuses when attacking Afflicted or Flanked enemies, and when striking from Stealth or Invisibility. They also have surprisingly good Defenses and can work in the tank role. Rogues use Guile for their resource and can spend it in combat on Active Abilities. Rogues gain more Guile each time they gain a Power Levelnot only allowing them to use more powerful abilities, but also use them more often.

Sneak Attack allows them to do increased damage while an enemy has an Affliction or is Flanked, or within the first 2 seconds of combat.

This makes is particularly important to keep debuffs up on enemies, which is why many Rogue abilities apply them. Sneak Attack allows the Rogue to outperform every other Class in terms of raw damage. Be sure to keep your target Afflicted to maintain the bonus damage. Rogues have the capability of turning Invisible with their Smoke Veil ability and others.

This is useful for getting the extra damage from Backstabbut Smoke Veil also makes them untargetable for the Duration. Rogues focus on disabling and killing targets quickly, using Stealth and Invisibility as tools to accomplish this. However, they also have some great defensive abilities, and ones that are just generally good. Assassins trade defense for pure damage.

Their ability to kill targets in a single strike is unrivaled, and they can produce some of the biggest damage numbers in the game. Choose this Subclass if you are willing to sacrifice some surviveablity for increased offense. Bonus: Gain Assassinate passive. Assassin Rogues want to hit as hard as they can, and try to take their targets down quickly. This means they will need to take abilities like Smoke Veil and Shadowing Beyondso that they can do so once combat has begun.

This saves you one use of Smoke Veil, which costs 2 Guile, and will allow you to return to Stealth again in combat more often. Just be sure not to use Smoke Veil until you absolutely are ready to kill your target, so if you need to reload or get closer, be sure to do so first.

Lead with your Assassin when beginning encounters to take advantage of its passives. BarbarianPaladin and Cipher all work well here. Barbarians have the ability Barbaric Blowwhich does increased Damage, is more likely to Crit and does increased Crit Damage. In addition, the upgraded version: Barbaric Smash will refund the cost if you kill the target, and this ability can be used in melee or at range. Barbaric Blow synergizes really well because it increases the likelihood of a Crit and Crit Damage.

In addition it only costs 1 Zealwhich is extremely cheap, and its increased Accuracy means that it is more likely to Crit.

This ability can be used in melee or at range. Ciphers Multiclass well with Rogues because of their passive increase to Weapon Damage via Soul Whipwhich makes all Assassin attacks hit that much harder. Raw Damage bypasses Armor and Resistances. Soul Annihilate is a great addition to any melee build, and hits like a truck. Streetfighters generally fulfill the tank role for the Rogue class.

They gain bonuses when surrounded or hurt, and penalties when not, placing them squarely in the thick of it. Streetfighters Multiclass very well with other tanking Subclasses.

Streetfighters will be found surrounded by many foes, because in order to obtain their bonuses, they must be Flanked or Bloodied. This generally drops them into the tank role and means they will need to focus more on Defense than other Rogues.

Streetfighters will want to be sure to take the Persistent Distraction passive, to increase the number of enemies Engaged and makes them Distracted. Since Rogues possess the Riposte ability, allowing them to potentially strike for a Full Attack against targets that miss them with Melee Weapons, Streetfighters will want to have high Deflection.

Resolve helps with this, as do Shields.

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