Mimic social cheats

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for details. PPC ads are also known as search engine marketing ads. Stukent is a search engine marketing class simulator. These past few semesters we have witnessed the rising importance of paid as part of the PESO model when it comes to PR. It is hard to do this, of course, without a class client and a budget.

A few years ago I did a project in my social media class where students learned to create an ad on Facebook. I did require students to complete parts of the Facebook Blueprint training so that they had knowledge of how Facebook ads worked. And that part I was pleased with. Unsatisfied, I looked for something more. Stukent offers a mix of simulator software for classroom projects and digital course textbooks. At the time I learned about them, they had the social media simulator which many friends on the Social Media Professors community group have chatted about as well as two search engine marketing simulators: Mimic intro — which is a basic overview — and Mimic pro — a more robust product.

A few clear benefits presented themselves. With that in mind, I signed my class up for the Mimic Intro because it is a short simulator that I determined I could do in 2 weeks during my class.

Because my class is aimed at teaching students to write in a variety of fashions, I felt this was the best fit. After all, in addition to this assignment, in this class students learn to write news releases, to write to optimize their news releases for the web, to create micro-targeted content through the BuzzFeed assignmentand to write a more traditional white paper.

So, as you can see, it is a busy semester. In short, each student is tasked with creating search engine ads for a an online camera retailer.

The goal is to sell a few different products at different price points, and which have different profit margins. The students are given a budget of a few thousand dollars and are told to spend it all. Before students start, the simulator provides a video-based education about how to effectively plan, write and execute their campaigns.

Students are given hypothetical past data to work off of, and text explanations accompany the overview which I found very helpful in getting clarity on terms. Students then work through some additional need-to-know info to succeed at their projects before starting. Altogether, I was happy with this set up because, as someone knew to PPC myself, I felt prepared upon entering the simulator. The campaign works in rounds.

With Mimic Intro, students can complete up to two rounds. A round simulates data for a timed period, which if I recall was one month.

At the end of the simulation — which takes maybe 30 seconds or a minute to run — the students see the results of their efforts. So, for each round, students write their ads in a set up that is very similar to Google Adwords ads.

A student creates an ad group. In that group, the student writes the ad headline and body text, picks the link they want to use from a list of options, writes the display text for the ad, etc. When the student is ready, they run the simulator as I described above. In Mimic Intro, you also create emails for email marketing. Maybe I should next time. The professor can see how each student performed in comparison to one-another. This enables you to provide feedback on ways the student can improve.

You could also use this information in grading or choose to grade each student individually. Before assigning anything like this, I always do the project myself. I wanted to really know how PPC works and because it was something knew to me, I really invested the time to do the best I could.The scenario of the simulation is this: You have recently been hired as the social media manager by Buhi Bags, a luxury backpack company.

Your goals are to build brand awareness, increase engagement, increase sales, and lastly to outperform your peers. Every week you are given a task, and most weeks there is additional reading you can do. Even though reading may take up more of your time, it could change your results significantly. Try new kinds of posts and take note of what succeeds and what bombs.

Look under the scenario tab at Market and you will see 7 distinct personas, all of whom you can target to. Pay attention to what size of the market share each persona is before trying to market towards them.

Buhi Bags - Video #2 (how to use the simulation)

Real companies do it all the time and you can too. Already used an image on Twitter but want to use it again? To climb to the top of the class rankings, focus on what is driving revenue and secure that bag.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Welcome to Mimic Social — an eye-opening social media marketing simulation! Brought to you by those crafty digital educators at Stukent. Despite initial overwhelming feelings peppered with doubts of inadequacy, I set myself to the tasks set before me — the new social media marketing manager at Buhi Supply Company despite getting chewed out by my boss early on and actually learned and grew in my fictitious role.

Conducting this social media simulation in a vacuum could be hazardous to your health! Use this data to guide your initial decisions in the simulation. In a real-world social media marketing scenario, it is unlikely that you would be operating in a bubble with no one to bounce ideas off of. Talk to your classmates to gain insights into the simulation. Experiment with what is working well for them.

Mimic Social Reflection

I learned this lesson a little late in the simulation and regretted not doing it earlier. You want to entertain and inform your audience. However, you do not want them to begin to tune you out. Find a happy medium. Posts that are targeted to a specific buyer persona or two will have more power to connect with those audiences if you are reaching them on the platforms where they are present.

Paying to promote these posts will further your reach as well. Posts that are successfully targeted and promoted will generate the most awareness and engagement. Bonus tip — using hashtags will also expand your reach.

Nobody wants to be sold to, and social media is no exception. If you promote your business excessively, your followers will disappear.

Keep in mind, your job as a social media marketing manager is to be as helpful and human as possible, to create value for your customers and build a trusting relationship with them. Select the most detailed, helpful response. With all the noise on social media today, social media marketers need to be authentic, creative and not afraid to mix up their content. Vary your posts between eye-catching pictures focus on the product outdoorsinfographics, videos, blog posts and promotions.

mimic social cheats

I did not find much success with the memes. Additionally, keep your written content brief and engage and inform your followers with quotes, facts and questions. This is likely the most important piece of the Mimic Social simulation and there is not one, clear answer to this question. Think about what type of content would appeal to these audiences and how you can reach them. Do not spread yourself thin trying to connect with everyone in the market.

Think about who exemplifies the image of Buhi Supply Co. Although it is not a requirement, creating a content calendar is extremely good practice for the real world. A calendar will enable you to see the big picture in your overall social media marketing scheme. Despite my initial hesitation fear of the unknownand in conjunction with my other course materials, I feel that I learned and grew in my role at Buhi Supply Co.

Your email address will not be published. Built using WordPress and the Mesmerize Theme. Home Blog About Me Contact. Good luck and happy social media marketing! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.The goal for this week was to analyse what things the previous Social Media Manager did and figure out which posts did the best.

Using what was analysed, I had to post the most successful posts to gain more revenue. This week had the best results compared to the other weeks.

All metrics did better except for new followers. This week as also the week of Halloween! So I incorporated and experimented with the different Halloween content and posted them and it was effective in generating content. Something new that happened this week was that I received questions from simulated customers of Buhi Supply and I had to pick an answer that is both helpful and respectful.

Feel free to look around on our website at Buhibags. Since this round achieved the best results, I will continue using what I used in this round. The information provided by the previous manger was very useful in which day and what time I should post, and what type of content to post as well.

Pictures of people outdoors with product, Picture of product, Promotional videos and Advertisements.

Tips and Tricks to Beat the Mimic Social Simulation

Pictures of people with product outdoors was used the most often and was effective in getting conversions. Articles on Facebook. For the previous week, articles did very well on Facebook so I posted the same article on the same day and time as the other weeks where it did well. I used Promotional videos as I saw from the last social media manager that it was effective, although it was very expensive. I also used more pictures and holiday themed pictures and advertisements as they were also effective from the last social media manager.

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Goal: The goal for this week was to analyse what things the previous Social Media Manager did and figure out which posts did the best. Something New: Something new that happened this week was that I received questions from simulated customers of Buhi Supply and I had to pick an answer that is both helpful and respectful.

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Round 6 What type of content is the best for driving revenue? Go find the reports from the last social media manager to answer questions 1 through 5. Example: Advertisements, pictures, infographics etc. Pictures of people outdoors with product, Picture of product, Promotional videos and Advertisements What types of content are best for driving awareness? Promotional Videos What content perfomed the best? Do you see any correlations?

Look at the type of content, platform, number of posts etc.Mimic social was a hands-on valuable experience for me. It enabled me to test out so many different types of posts on a hand full of different social media platforms. It goes without saying that you can learn something in class but until you are able to apply it in real life what honest grasp do you have of that concept?

The more I learned about buyer persona and who I was going to target from there the concepts caught on like wildfire. Throughout our class time I learned about the correct type of content, times to post on each platform and how that would make a beneficial difference in awareness and reach for each. It is vital to post to each platform when the customers eyes are on that platform scrolling. The same goes for the type of post you put out on each platform.

Visual example below; it is important to know that just because one picture worked well on Facebook does not mean that it would on Instagram… Know what your customer wants to see on that said platform. Eighty percent of what you post should be informative or entertain your audience while twenty percent of what you post should directly promote your business.

On Instagram they focus hard on the overall brand. So, posting pictures of fish makes sense because their brand caters to the outdoors and outdoor lovers. While Facebook can push sales a little more because that is a form of marketplace, by attaching a link with a post directing them to your website you are helping your customers navigate to a potential sale. When responding to questions from your online visitors it is important to be friendly, straightforward and detailed.

Being welcoming and giving them as much information as possible regarding the question they had will only enhance and make their experience navigating through your site easier. That is why I always picked the specific answered option; people seek out convenience so whatever makes their life easier is always appreciated.

Each round I experimented with what platforms worked best and quickly realized LinkedIn and YouTube were not giving me the results I was looking for. Many of my classmates also shared the same problem.

It will greater benefit your company to learn what platform hits your target audience the best and give those your best content quality over quantity.

Something specific to Mimic Social that I learned worked great was videos posted to Facebook had more success than posting to YouTube. I believe I did well playing Mimic Social! My classmates and I figured out quick that while Mimic Social is a great tool to test on posting content to social media platforms, we do wish there was more of a guide. Skip to content Search for:. Home August 8 Mimic Social Reflection. Mimic Social Reflection. Experimenting Each Round Each round I experimented with what platforms worked best and quickly realized LinkedIn and YouTube were not giving me the results I was looking for.

Story Telling; Coca Cola style. The Retail Apocalypse.Mimic Social, created by Stukent, hopes to teach students the effect of social media marketing on a business, and how a business can use it effectively to turn views into sales. Students believe they know the ins and outs of social media.

As a teacher, I believe that to be true…to an extent. Students have a strong understanding of the personal uses of the different social media platforms. However, they are only scratching the surface of what social media can do for a business.

All aspects of an advertisement are a factor, such as captions, images, and time. Additionally, students are able to target their ads to a specific demographics by targeting genders, age ranges, and interests. They must also work around an advertising budget when scheduling a weeks worth of content across six major social media platforms.

Once you simulate the week, students have the ability to measure their posts based on key indicators, such as impressions, clicks, likes, and conversions. They must then analyze these indicators before simulating the next week. Teachers are able to receive a free trial, which includes 2 posting and 2 analysis rounds. The full version increases those numbers to 6 each.

Being unsure of the software, I had two of my classes run through the free trial. Also, registering students is simple. Mimic Social provides a sign-up link for students to click and enter into your class. Students receive a how-to video right away, which makes the training and explaining process short. The video is informative, and answers most questions. Teachers are able to register as a student as well. This makes it easier to learn the software in advance.

This makes it easier for teachers to answer student questions with more confidence. My students bought in right away. They tested captions, images, and timing with posts. Also, students began communicating. Although they shared tips, they kept their major strategies to themselves. The posting rounds gave me a lot of opportunity to ask students questions. The simulation forces students to practically apply a lot of the class theory.

Thoughts on which social media platforms should be the focus, how their target market will respond to ads, and what times ads should be posted helped reinforce the learning we have already done. One of my favourite features is the ranking system.

After each posting round, students are ranked based on key indicators. Another important feature is the analysis rounds. Students are forced to answer questions on their results before they can post again.

mimic social cheats

This was tough to get my students to buy into. Although many saw it as pointless initially, they saw its importance in the later rounds. Social media marketing is a new concept, but is growing at a fast rate.

Students wanting to go into the marketing field will have to use these platforms one way or another. Additionally, new jobs are being created solely around social media.

Because this is so new, resources are still being developed. However, Mimic Social is a great tool to allow your students to learn the basics of targeted advertising and how to analyze results. I recommend to all marketing teachers to test our the trial and fit it in. Finally, if you or your school can afford the full version, I recommend taking advantage of that.Does this sound like you?

This is where the infomercial changes from black-and-white to glorious technicolor! Here are eight tricks to dominate the Mimic Social Simulation. A little reading never hurt anyone. We put blogs there for a reason. They are chock-full of strategy guides and tips on how to be a champion social media marketer.

The best thing about it? The blogs were all written specifically for the simulation, so you know the principles you learn apply directly to Mimic Social. Can life get better? Read on to find out! There is a handy content analysis section in Week 3 that gives you the post history from the last social media manager.

That stuff is golden! Same goes for the best times to post, best platforms to use, etc. Do you know someone who is always trying to sell you some magic vitamin or energy supplement to the point that you suddenly have a surprise phone call every time you see them coming? The key is finding a balance of feature posts and promotional posts. Feature posts showcase the brand or spotlight someone using the product, whereas promotional posts usually advertise a sale.

mimic social cheats

Be careful though; if you post too many promotions at once, your audience will get bored and you will start losing subscribers. Usually, you want to have more feature posts than promotional posts. Gotta keep the people happy! Go for the platforms where you already have a lot of followers! Some channels will have a much bigger follower count than others.

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