Avocado yin or yang

In Chinese Medicine, we believe that a healthy body is a balanced body. Health issues occur when the body and mind are out of balance. In the traditional Chinese Medicine system, practitioners evaluate the systems of the body to uncover the root cause of imbalance. In our evaluation, we interview the patient about their symptoms, health history, mental and physical health.

avocado yin or yang

One of the patterns that can come up is an imbalance between yin and yang. In Chinese Medicine, yin and yang should be in a balanced state.

avocado yin or yang

Include these foods as part of your diet. These recommendations are not about exclusively eating only these foods. These are healthy foods that you can integrate into your diet to promote balance.

Some of these foods may already be part of your diet, so continue on! There are plenty of options on this list. Avoid these if you are gluten sensitive or have celiac disease. Vegetables : alfalfa sprout, artichoke, asparagus, mung bean sprout, mushrooms, pea, potato, seaweed, string bean, squash, sweet potato, tomato, water chestnut, yam, zucchini.

Nuts and seeds : coconut coconut oil, coconut milk, unsweetened fresh or dried coconutsesame seed, black sesame seed, walnut. Proteins: aduki beans, black beans, kidney beans, lima beans, mung beans, fish and seafood except shrimp and prawnsbeef, duck, ib resources question bank, pork, rabbit, chicken and duck hammond b3 organ for sale ontario. Dairy: cow, sheep and goat dairy products if toleratedespecially yogurt, ghee clarified butter.

A Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine practitioner can prescribe specific herbs to balance the yin and yang of your body. A weak yin can cause to body to overheat. Drink mint, chamomile, lemon balm, hibiscus, rose hip and chrysanthemum teas, hot or cooled. Green and white tea are also cooling, but avoid these if you have anxiety or insomnia since they contain caffeine.

You can add cucumber, mint and lemon slices to water for a refreshing drink. If you have night sweats or excessive sweats, use good quality salt like himalayan, celtic, and fleur du sel when salting your food. These natural salts contain vital trace minerals to replace those lost through sweat. Coconut water, and naturally fermented drinks like water kefir, coconut water kefir, and kombucha are also very hydrating. Avoid foods that are very heating including : hot peppers, chilies, hot spicy food in general, lamb, venison, shrimp, prawns, and trout.

When the yin is weak, it can lead to anxiety. Here are some herbs to calm and cool: oat straw, skullcap, chamomile, catnip, mint, valerian, lemon balm, oyster shell, jujube seeds, and schisandra berries.

Are you more Yin or Yang?

You can make herbal teas from these herbs. Please consult with an herbalist for doses. Cover and steep for 10 minutes. Strain the herbs, and add honey or lemon to taste. Avoid weakening your yin with dietary choices.It looks like you're new to The Community. If you'd like to get involved, click one of these buttons!

I had an appointment with an accupuncturist yesterday to treat a stiff and very sore neck and shoulders. She is a traditional chinese medicine therapist and she told me I was too yin cold and I should eat more yang foods.

I did not tell her I was raw, but thought it was amazing that she picked this up. I have done some web search today and am thoroughly confused about yin and yang in a raw environment. Can someone set me straight? I just read this coincidentally when I was googling durian which I have never had. When is it in season??? Hope this info is helpful. It was on the following website: froststreet.

RawKaren, try looking into macrobiotics. Good luck! This might help out a bit. It is from a macrobiotic website. If you are trying to increase your yang try to eat more warmed foods and avoid frozen fruits and vegetables all together. Warm your soups and other foods in a dehydrator before eating. Cayenne and roots really help with the cooling effects of yin foods. Cacao is a very yin food so when you make a smoothie with cacao make sure you add some cayenne powder to it to balance everything out.

Preparing foods is simply alchemy.All about that avocado and sauerkraut. No trouble. To make it into a snack that is. Then grind a few turns of black pepper across the surface. The black pepper adds color, a little bit of crunch and small bit of spiciness. Have you tried these two together? The creaminess of the avocado plus the salty tartness of the ferment make for a great combination—hence the yin and yang.

We love them together over a salad, pizza, baked potatoes, and of course nestled amongst veggies in a sandwich. Another benefit besides great flavor is that the acidity of the ferment somehow prevents the avocado from browning. Small victories. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. What a lovely twist. Skip to content. January Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Thanks so much for sharing and thanks again for commenting on my blog!In fact, many Chinese doctors who practise western medicine would tell you that there is no such thing as cooling and heaty foods.

So what on earth are heaty and cooling foods?! To most people, especially the Chinese, in Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, such concepts are very much part of the indigenous culture and are commonly used as a form of expressing certain set of symptoms or sensations often associated with emotional or physical reactions such as:. Excessive "cold" energy in the body, on the contrary, will make us feel weak, lethargic, tired and restless. The body constitution of each person is influenced by congenital factors as well as the acquired lifestlye e.

In other words, different foods act upon the human body in different ways and affect our state of health. The body's metabolism, functioning of organs and organ structure all combine to determine our susceptibility to these heaty and cooling effects of foods.

Bamboo shoot, banana, bitter gourd, clam, crab, grapefruit, lettuce, persimmon, salt, seaweed, star fruit, sugar cane, water chestnut, watermelon, lotus root, cucumber, barley, bean curd, chicken egg white, marjoram, oyster, pear, peppermint, radish, strawberry, tangerine, and yogurt, broccoli, cauliflower, zuccini, corn, tomato, pineapple, turmeric. Honey, corn, abalone, apricot, beef, beetroot, black fungus, carp, carrot, celery, chicken egg yolk, cuttlefish, duck, fig, kidney bean, lotus fruit and seed, milk, olive, oyster, papaya, pork, potato, pumpkin, radish leaf, red bean, plum, sunflower seed, sweet rice, sweet potato, white fungus, yellow soybean, brussels sprout, snow pea, taro, figs, raisins, sage, rosemary, thyme, brown rice, apple.

Heaty yang Foods: Pepper, cinnamon bark, ginger, soybean oil, red and green pepper, chicken, apricot seed, brown sugar, cherry, chestnut, chive, cinnamon twig, clove, coconut, coffee, coriander Chinese parsleydate, dillseed, eel, garlic, grapefruit peel, green onion, guava, ham, leaf mustard, leek, longan, mutton, nutmeg, peach, raspberry, rosemary, shrimp, spearmint, sweet basil, tobacco, vinegar, walnut, jackfruit, durian, leek, shallots, spring onion, apricot, blackberry, black currant, mangoes, peaches, cherry, mandarin orange, grape.

Yin and Yang Foods

How a food is prepared also matters. In addition, there are some interesting broad guidelines to determine whether a certain food is heaty or cooling:. The heatiness and cooling effect of foods refer to their capacity to generate sensations - either hot or cold in our body. They do not refer to the state of the food but its effect on our bodies. For example, tea is a cooling food. This means that it generates cold energy in our body.

To seek a balance in diet, we can classify food as predominantly yin or yang. Hence, if you eat predominantly yin foods, your body will be capable of producing only cold energy, in contrast, eating predominantly yang foods produces hotter energy. If a person suffers from cold rheumatism, eating foods with a warm or hot energy would be helpful. If a person's acne condition deteriorate due to consumption of fried foods, it is beneficial to eat cooling foods to counter heatiness and relieve symptoms.

Hence, to strike a yin-yang balance in the diet, it's almost natural for the Chinese to have a glass of a lemon barley or winter melon cooling drink to go with a plate of heaty fried rice, or a bowl of heaty spicy noodle with some cooling fruits such as star fruits or water melon.

The concept of heatiness is not meaningful or relevant in the western medicine paradigm. However, it is believed that there is some parallel to Acid heaty and alkaline cooling balance, or protons and positive charges heaty and cooling electrons and negative charges.

Medicine evolves. Conventional medical doctors in the west has long started to integrate and learn about alternative treatments or medicines and incorporate them into their practice. Today they believe that these new medical approaches are beneficial and effective in many ways. Honey, according to TCM, is a "neutral" food, that is it's neither heaty nor cooling balanced yin and yang. It's a food suitable for children and people who have a weak body constitution.

This honey pear soup is what my friends would remind me to make for myself when I have a cough. It is good for smoothing the lungs and quenching thirst. An ideal soup for those who have long working hours or tend to feel heaty.

Bring water to boil in another pot and add in all the herbs and white fungus. Let it simmer for about 5 minutes.This amazing guest post was written by Dr. Both heat and cold can exist in excess or deficiency in the human body, and this imbalance can cause ill health or discomfort. Balancing yourself out, however, can simply be a matter of the food you choose to eat.

Have you noticed that you crave different foods during winter than you do summer, or even fall? To start us off, though…. They are not opposites, in fact, but complementary and interconnected forces that are part of qi, the life force of the human body. Yang, on the other hand, reflects the masculine, light, day, warmth, and active forces. Yin and yang energies coexist in the human body, both externally and internally. Imbalances of these energies can cause imbalances in your qi or even qi stagnation.

An excess of cold or heat would be such an imbalance. Perhaps too much yin, or perhaps too much yang, such an excess in one is a deficiency in the other.

Environmental factors also have an effect on our yin-yang balance. If either force predominates, then the one that is in excess creates a deficiency in the other. In a healthy physical state, the yin and yang work with each other, adjusting back and forth as needed. In TCM, the two most significant qualities in the medicinal use of food are heat and cold.

A body with excess heat yang needs cooling foods to bring the body back into balance, just as a body with excess cold yin needs warming foods. A correct and proper diet helps the body achieve and maintain the balance of yin and yang, which in turn helps qi flow. Yang foods are warming and energizing in nature. They tend to be sweet or pungent. Yin foods are cooling in nature and are salty, bitter, or sour.

For example, apples can have both yin and yang qualities. Unripe apples are sour and are more yin, while fully ripe apples that are sweeter are considered more yang.

Some foods are considered useful for building qi while others are useful for building blood, yang, or yin. For example, in western medicine, a steak always has the same nutritional quality no matter who is eating it.

lemon cedar yin yang soap - PVC Pipe mold

However, in TCM a steak may be considered beneficial for those with yang deficiency conditions, but not for those with yang excess. While we usually think of foods in terms of their food groups, in TCM they are classified according to five specific flavors: salty, bitter, sour, sweet, and pungent. Foods are also divided into cool, warm, cold, and hot. The flavor quality and the nature of foods can be used to determine the effects they will have on the body. When yin energy is deficient, your body starts to show heat signs.

You prefer cold beverages and cool weather. You may even have inflamed tissues, rashes, or swellings. Small amounts of these foods should be eaten regularly.

Raw foods are generally cooling. Avoid stimulating foods like caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and pungent spices. When yang energy is deficient, the body begins to slow down, showing signs of diminished activity and coldness.

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avocado yin or yang

Thank you Debra! Chinese medicine classifies food according to its energetic effects rather than according to its component parts. Certain foods are viewed as warming and nourishing while others are seen as cooling and eliminating; some foods are useful for building qi while others have blood, yang or yin building proprieties. Thus while a breakfast consisting of a banana and yoghurt will always have the same nutritional value in western medicine no matter who is eating it, in traditional Chinese medicine it may be seen as beneficial for those with yin deficiency conditions but detrimental to those with yang deficiency or dampness.

Food in this context either assists or hinders our daily efforts to maintain health or recover from illness, depending on our constitution. It is not just a matter of eating nourishing healthy food but of eating nourishing healthy food that is right for individual body types. All foods in traditional Chinese medicine are assigned properties according to the five flavours: sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty; and the four natures: cool, cold warm and hot.

The flavour of food sour, bitter, sweet, pungent and salty can be used to predict its effects on the body. The nature of food cool, cold, warm and hot also has a direct effect on the body. Bitter foods such as rhubarb and dandelion leaf tend to descend qi, drain heat and dry dampness. Some bitter foods have a purgative effect as they induce bowel movements. Energetically, the flavor bitter goes to the Heart and the spirit shen ; excess injures the bones.

Sour foods such as grapefruit and olives are astringent, generating yin fluids and are cooling. In small amounts they aid digestion. Energetically, the flavor sour goes to the Liver and spirit soul hun ; excess injures the nerves. They also are useful to disperse mucus from the lungs. Salty foods such as kelp and soya sauce are cooling and hold fluids in the body. They have a downward flowing action, soften hardness and act as a purgative. Energetically, the flavor salty goes to the Kidney and will zhi ; excess injures the blood.

Sweet foods can be divided into two groups: sweet foods that are neutral and nourishing or warm and nourishing, these include meat, legumes, nuts, dairy products and starchy vegetables; sweet foods that are cooling, these include fruits, sugar, honey and other sweeteners, as well as potatoes, rice and apples.Although today the yin-yang sign is found everywhere from jewelry to tattoos, the ubiquitous symbol has its origins in ancient Taoisma Chinese philosophy.

The earliest reference to yin-yang, which translates to dark-bright in both the Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese languageswas written in BCE is found in the I Ching, or Book of Changes. The yin-yang concept represents balance and harmony and suggests that everything in nature is composed of opposite but complementary elements. These opposing forces interconnect to create chi or the binding energy force in the cosmos.

Too much of either one can be destructive, and finding their balance is essential for happiness and health. According to Chinese cosmology, the constant alternation between darkness and light equates to the cycle of life.

What are Heaty and Cooling Foods? (They May Sound Absurd if You're Non-Chinese)

For example, when the sun rises the moon fades, but just as the sun reaches its height, it begins to descend again and the moon rises. The same can be observed in the change of seasons as well as high and low tides.

Yin-yang also exists within our interactions with each other such as giving and receiving or talking and listening. The outline of the symbol is a circle, representing eternity and the continuous cycle of life in Chinese tradition.

What Is the Meaning of Yin and Yang?

Within are two halves shaped like tadpoles or teardrops. One half, the yin, is black while the other half, the yang, is white. Consisting of a large end and a smaller tail-like end, the halves appear to be swirling into one another.

Within each large end is a small dot of the opposite color. This represents the notion that too much of anything is unhealthy and a counterbalance is needed to bring harmony. The yin is represented by the dark half of the symbol. There are a number of elements associated with the yin side of chi. The directions of west and north are related to yin, as are the natural conditions rainfall, night, the autumn and winter.

Even numbers are believed to be aligned with yin, as are metals, the Earth, and water. Yin is believed to be a feminine energy associated with the right side of the body. Yang is represented by the white half of the symbol.

Its elements are the opposite of the yin, including the directions east and south, as well as sunlight, daytime, spring, and summer. Odd numbers, wood, air, and fire are aligned with yang, which is also associated with male energy and the left side of the body. Along with the binary concept of light and dark, yin-yang philosophy also incorporates relationships called The Four Aspects that lead to balance and harmony.

Interdependence means one can not exist without the other. Transformation refers to the cycle of rest and action, life and death. Contradictions and paradoxes relate to the existence of opposites.

Lastly, constant change reminds us that the only thing we can predict is that things will always be altering and evolving. From the Arctic to Zapotec villages, Kate Boland has taught history, law, and geography at schools and universities around the world. She is a speaker at many conferences, and her writing has appeared in numerous articles and textbooks. All rights reserved. The yin is represented by the dark half of the symbol and the yang is represented by the light.

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